The Low Down: Caela


If I can remember to keep my ducks in a row, I will always be ready to dive head-first into all the new and exciting things the world has to offer. I have the tendency to push boundaries, living in the moment. I will likely call the past the past and move on as though it never occurred. I get caught up in the excitement of the moment, making every outing feel a bit like a party. Social through and through, I enjoy the simplest things.

“Don’t box me in!”

Exploring new designs and styles with ease. Artistic, laidback bohemian that’s my style .This doesn’t necessarily apply in the typical sense, in which I am out painting happy little trees. I live in a colourful, sensual world, I take joy in experimenting with the new. I rely more on luck and opportunity. I am a poor planner, and can lead to problems as I begin to live beyond my means, making credit cards an especially dangerous tool to put in my hands.


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