#funeral selfie

The front facing camera changed the way we take pictures, and social apps changed the way we share them. It’s far too convenient to share selfies these days, which is why we’ve probably seen the trend grow into something we’ve all really learned to embrace.

There’s a few selfie trends you going to regret 5 years from now. In the time when people are more addictive to iPhones than crack, and carefully-filtered photos have replaced simply remembering the good times.

Some photos are best left untaken, for your time, your privacy and your reputation’s sakes. A few trends I came across that’s best left untaken cause in 5 years from now you might come to regret them.


It’s 2013. Google is your resume, and you best believe your future employer, lover and skeptical mother-in-law will do a thorough Internet background check on your ass… and they’d better not find a picture of it.


Even if you and you’re swinging, vegan roommates have mastered the art of weed, it’s important to remember that some people aren’t down with your super stoney lifestyle. Much like #sexyselfies, #weedselfies can have some not so chill consequences when seen by the wrong eyes.


“Stop smelling your steering wheel you’re going to crash” According to AAA, a driver taking a photo for approximately two seconds takes their eyes off of the road for the length of nearly two basketball courts or nearly half a football field. And that doesn’t count the time it takes to pick an Instagram filter. Don’t risk your ability to take selfies tomorrow, by selfie-ing and driving today.


Even after the loss of a loved one, on the day family and friends gather to lay them to rest, some Instagram users still manage to make it all about themselves. Selfie? More like selfish. I hope this guy’s dead aunt haunts his Instagram feed forever.


Your phone is hurting your social life. What’s the point of going to a party with friends if you’re just gonna spend the night taking pictures of yourself? When was the last time you had a long conversation that wasn’t interrupted by a text message?

This goes far beyond selfies… it’s cellphones in general and how far they take us out of the present. So the next time you feel the urge to take a selfie, consider every photograph you’ve taken in the past and ask yourself, “Do I really need another picture of my face?”


People like to get noticed on social media, and all of those “likes” and comments from friends are a quick and easy way to fish for compliments and boost one’s own ego.

Here’s another reason why young people might be the leading demographic that’s part of the selfie trend. It’s human nature to want to show off your own great achievements. When you feel good about yourself (or look good), it’s far too easy to reach for your phone and document it all through one, or several selfies.

Kids who are connected on a social network to someone they admire may be more driven to upload attractive selfies as a way to seek attention, especially if they’re too shy to do it in person. It’s a strange new flirting method that’s only been around since the rise of mobile, but it’s definitely there.

There are people who are bored at work, bored at school, bored at home and bored on the toilet. Some people will take selfies because they have nothing else better to do. Last but not least, social media is about being social! If that means uploading as many selfies as possible, then so be it. Some people don’t need a real reason to do it. They just do it because they like to do it, it’s fun, and it’s a cool way of document your own life.

# Thenewselfie

Selfies may have met their match. A new trend is forming that is way more technical than a standard selfie – a dronie.

Dronies’ may become the new trend to replace selfies

“A dronie occurs when someone looks up in the sky and smiles and waves at a camera-equipped drone that is flying over the head. The clips are usually short and the video can be uploaded online or made into a Vine.

The trend is growing as the website Vimeo also has 105 videos of people taking dronies and YouTube has more than 15,000 videos with the word dronie in the description – with most in the past three months. Instagram also has more than 1,200 entries with the #dronie hashtag”- BY JOEL LANDAU NEW YORK DAILY NEWSA


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