Flash Back from the Past

Fashion itself has a life cycle. Each trend has a sneaky way of resurrecting itself, there is no such thing as a dead trend. There are thousands of trends I can talk about, and analyse their new entry into the market, but I will be here forever, so let’s focus on a bit of the 80s.

The 80s have made a huge come back in the fashion world today, pieces are inspired yet modernized from the exciting era. Lately a specific male fashion culture has been seen on the streets everywhere. Advertised and sold in almost any shop you can think of. What is this trend? Denim, denim and a whole lot more denim.


If we look at the above examples regarding denim shirts and jackets, you can clearly see the evolution of the trend. We have gone from a loose fitted jacket in heavy denim, to light weight denim shirts and more figure hugging jackets. None the less all silhouettes are following the same trend. The above examples clearly identify the similarities in colour, dyes and bleaches. Guys you want to dress to impress – go for this look, girls will absolutely love the sight of you, which is never a bad thing when you trying to get that one girls attention. We all know you are;)

As well as jackets and shirts we have seen a reoccurring trend in the different jean silhouettes of the 80s



Ok so looking at the bottom picture above we have some semi loose fitted jeans, with either a straight or bootleg bottoms from the 80s. The first few pictures display some of today’s trends, mainly all fitted in one way or another whether it’s by the ankles of the entire leg. The tightness and three quarter look that is pulled off by guys when rolling their jeans, is extremely similar to what you saw 30 years ago, as well as the straight leg cut which is slowly making a comeback. The texture and feel of the denim has evolved to a softer, stretcher fabric making it more durable. Skinny jeans are sexy, everyone knows that right?

So that’s my post in a nut shell, very analytical today I know, but a few explanations will never harm anyone. Enjoy your day everyone. Watch out for a few more posts in the future.

Out Tai ❤


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