An Ode to Basic White Girls

Living as a 20-something year old in this day and age, we have all heard the term “basic white girl”, right?

Well if you haven’t, sit back and relax, because this is an ode to the white girl (or perhaps a slight rant).

The basic white girl according to Urban Dictionary: “Starbucks, Uggs , lots of selfies, dog pictures, leggings as pants, Forever 21, iPhone, straightens hair even though it’s already straight, Instagrams food, tries to be a photographer, Pretty Little Liars, can quote mean girls, enjoyed Pitch Perfect, Nutella”


This month is October, yes, I said it… October! Why is that important to the basic white girl you ask? Well simply because it is the month of Halloween and in the northern hemisphere this also means Autumn (or should I say Fall?). Pumpkin spice lattes, dressing in sexy costumes, Ugg boots and cuddles and lovies and ugh. Right?

All I ever seem to see on social media platforms is the general dislike for these “basics” and how they always do things to annoy the general population of “non-basics”. For example, look at almost every female rap artist and listen closely to their lyrics… They are rapping about basic white girls. Iggy Azalea – My World, Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci and Nicki Minaj with Freedom and Champion, to mention a few.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed the web articles titled “White People Ruin Everything“, “Basic White B**ches”, “The Common White Girl” and so on… I used to take these things light-heartedly, have a few giggles and mock the so-called “basics”, until one day I realised how degrading and disconcerting all of these ideas actually were.

Something I came across quite a while ago was a tweet by an account called Common White Girl and it went like this “white girls – a poem: I need Starbucks now. Like can this weather just not. Netflix, uggs, & yoga pants. You’re so pretty I can’t even”. This is probably the highest form of stereotyping I have ever come across. Sure, a lot of it is true, but it isn’t white girls alone who enjoy these things or speak in this way. So what if these are things they enjoy? Let them be.

Whenever people go out they always use the term “white girl wasted”, I too used this term loosely and humorously before I actually stopped and thought about what it actually meant. Now, as a white girl, I won’t lie, I actually find this rather offensive. Why? Because “white girl wasted” is defined on Urban Dictionary as “to get completely drunk… to the point where you can no longer control yourself physically or mentally. Term originally given to younger white girls… after they consume way too much alcohol. This commonly results in overall incoherency, and brief “skankyness” before a quick emotional breakdown… Complete trashyness and finally passing out… because they are too drunk to make it home.”


I don’t know about you, but to me, that is slightly offensive to say the least. Why is this solely associated with white girls? I’m pretty sure every other person in the world has been intoxicated in this way, possibly even worse. So why them in particular?

As a white girl, I don’t have the answers to any of this. I don’t know why people hate on this particular group of people so much and I don’t know why white people are always seen as a problem. This isn’t a racial slur, it is just a mere observation of how seemingly harmless terms and ideas can actually be quite offensive without us really knowing or understanding.

How about we let everyone be and put an end to mockery in general?

How about we make a point of actually thinking about what we are saying before we say it?

Here is a video detailing the extend of the stereotypical ‘basic white girl’ craze: If Guys Acted Like Basic White Girls –


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