#suns out guns out.

suns out guns out vest.

Ego isn’t a bad thing. Ego is a must. A big ego is just high self-esteem.

Show me a guy who has no ego and I’ll show you a guy who’s comfortable taking 7th place out of 7 contestants. I’ll show you a guy who’s comfortable with the taste of mud in his mouth. You cannot be competitive and not have any ego. You can be non-competitive and have no ego, but so what. That means you are a spectator. That means you’re a critic

You’ve got to have confidence in yourself in your specific field. You can be humble all day about the things you don’t know anything about, but when it comes to your area of expertise you should be Top Dog, King Shit, Cock of the Walk, and Big Man on Campus.

Everyone loves a humble guy. That’s because no one has to compete with a humble guy. Everyone hates a big ego guy, because a big ego guy points out your own shortcomings, lack of skill, desire, heart, dedication and discipline.

Don’t confuse braggadocio with ego. Ego is the all-consuming desire to win, to not lose, and pushing yourself past the limit to do it. Bragging is arrogance and empty boasting. Ego is pride.

When the winter is finally over and it is just starting to get warm, guys wear their short sleeve polo shirt to work rather than a long sleeve, and a vest rather than a T-shirt just for chilling at home. This particularly applies to the muscle head who have been dying to show off their bi’s and tri’s all winter.

Let’s face it girls there’s nothing sexier than a good looking guy with the perfect personality, a guy with an all-natural ripped body, a guy with an all-natural sun kissed tan, a guy that kind of know how gouges he is but keeps it for himself. A guy that have an ego in the sense of pride. Tall dark and handsome.

Then there’s this guys with the pumped up body’s filled with steroids, a spray tan and can’t get let go of their favourite vest and rugby shorts from when they were in preschool, never mind the chain. Is this a trend or just a stage in a man’s life where they need a boost for their self-esteem to build up a fake ego and arrogance to brag with?

You can have an ego no matter how you look, as long as it’s for the right reasons. You cannot have an ego if you bought it on the black market that’s empty boasting.


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