The Sophisticated Bend Down Market

In case you’re not familiar with the term “bend down” it’s a huge thrift market in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – my home town. Although you can find designer pieces it is an experience that not everyone is up for. My great passion of vintage and thrift has taken me to several different markets, some better than the rest.

My vintage adventures finally lead me to Neighborgoods! Where do I even start… the vibe, the people, and the clothes – all to die for. I walked around the lovely market and found myself upstairs, in what they call the fashion “department”. Luckily I found it full of second hand beauties along with the new, the fancy and the downright fabulous.

I ran into some of the most interesting, weird and quirky individuals I have ever met, all with a little touch of vintage, whether it was an entire outfit or merely a piece of jewellery. One of my favourite quotes of the day was said by a quirky, different and bubbly girl. Through her little bouts of giggles she managed to say “Want to be original? Wear unicorn shoes”.

Our blog was initially inspired by Neighborgoods, so me being able to go there and experience it myself was pretty awesome and finding something I loved there made it that much better. From hundreds of ballet pumps to crazy unique sweaters, I was in my element. Rozanne and Pushkin – one of my favourite brands and stores, has a permanent place in the heart of Neighborgoods, what makes them unique is not only that they have their one of a kind pieces but that they have a few thrift gems, or thrift inspired pieces. If you are interested go follow them on instagram, I do and I love it.

Thrift shopping is a specific style which only attracts a certain market in the fashion industry. Thrifting is an easy way of finding one of a kind original pieces, a simple way to look unique and creative. Vintage sweaters, coats and girly dresses were the most popular garments on display, I mean who doesn’t love a frilly frock every now and then? The most common places where people usually thrift are markets such as Neighborgoods, Hospice’s, SPCA stores and garage jumble sales.

Thrifting has become quite the trend in the recent years. This trend saw a major rise in 2013, with the release of Macklemore’s infamous track “Thrift Shop”. This was the first time that thrifting caught major light in the Hollywood scene, making it cool to recycle clothing and trendy to buy second hand items. I can’t really decide as to whether it’s a good thing or not, yes – it encourages recycling and it is most definitely the most eco-friendly clothing option. This new rise of thrifting would definitely help the environment, which is always a move in the right direction, however, in the name of personal style and fashion, is it good or bad? I can’t exactly come to an exact conclusion, on the one hand it encourages consumers to become “sheep”, mindlessly following as trend without thought, do they even realise they’re being eco-friendly or is it just the following of a trend for the sake of the trend? And on the other hand, it’s pretty great seeing people stray from the corporate side of fashion and supporting smaller stores for a great cause.

All in all I love thrifting and vintage, be it a trend or not.




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