From Downtown To Something Unique

Well coming from Tzaneen, were everyone wears “kaki”, this was quite an outrageous day for me; yes it was I heart Joburg. So many people, so much colour, and trends, fashion, from out of this world.

A day were you can be yourself, wear what you want, if you are a rocker , there is some of those, very strong guys , well they think so, with their “sterk wys hemppies”, girls with dresses, short pants, Everything goes. Standing there watching it was quite amazing, the vibe – incredible, stage lights, screaming, celebrities. I can’t think of anything better.

I cornered one of my friends, asking him what he saw and  thought about the fashion of I heart Joburg,: “ extreme” colourful, very down to earth and at the other side very out there , girls with tattoos, guys with piercings, outrages clothing. And for him it was also like being on a different planet.

And then and there I came to a conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are, how much money you have or who your parents are, you can be yourself, in Trend or not, being unique is the real you.

From a place like Tzaneen to a different world like Joburg, everything is different, the people, the fashion and the style, but what I realized is it’s not you being in trend, it’s you making a trend.

Below you can find some of the images of I heart Joburg..

Be yourself

Till next time;


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