Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

The life of a student is definitely a trend on its own. The early mornings after a night out can be one of a students biggest nightmare. For 5 years as a high school student you get up and your clothes have been chosen by someone else, when you enter real life reality struck and you have to cover your behind all by yourself. Whether its been a fun night out clubbing, or a nerd that’s been studying the whole night, when you have to get up for class, no one feels like dressing up. After all the discipline in the school system, when you finally get to first year level most of the children go mad and become party animals, where no one cares about how short their skirts are and no one will tell you to go polish your shoes.

I’ve done interviews with a few Tuks students after they have attended their first class. I’ve asked them what their style is and how do they make the decision of what to wear. There was a mutual answer among the students that they dress how they feel, whatever their mood is when they wake up, whatever’s clean, whatever screams “wear me” from the closet. I’ve come to the conclusion that the trend set by the youth of today is mostly laid back, bohemian, free spirited, whatever goes, don’t-care kind of style. I’ve also interviewed different types of people, different types as in metal head compared to a hippie free spirited girl. Even though there’s such a big difference and gap between the identities of the different students I have interviewed, I can still link them all together with a trend.

A trend that has been set by every student and a trend that is being followed by every student. A trend that’s been followed without trying. A trend that makes the nerd sitting next to the sportsman even. A trend that screams laziness. A no name trend, so my friends and I gave it a name the LSD trend (laidback, simple, don’t care) . Because as a student you drink, you party, you get naked and the morning after, well you have class and this is probably clean, so you just put some shoes on.



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