Beauty Is In the Eye of the Grunge-holder

Grunge is back with vengeance and I couldn’t be happier.

Whilst I was cruising through the Trend Hunter website I came across a little, lovely section under Hip Fashion about Grunge and how it has made a glorious come-back. To me though, Grunge never left.

This come-back has, however, altered Grunge slightly, creating numerous sub-fashions within the trend itself. Some of them include: 90s Grunge, Pastel Grunge, Delicate Grunge, School Girl Grunge, Sporty Grunge, Uptown Grunge, Exotic Grunge and Bohemian Grunge to name a few.

90s Grunge

90s Grunge

Pastel Grunge

Pastel Grunge

 With all of these new, different versions of Grunge now on the market and in trend, it opens up a whole new world and window of opportunities for those girls too afraid to try out a more Grungy style. It allows them to experiment and form a new opinion on the once “too edgy”, “too raw” and “too rough” style, now optimised for any and every girl out there.

Whether it’s just merely adding a pair of combat boots or a leather jacket to your look, you can create your own authentic Grungy style. You can add your own flair in any way, because as we’ve seen, the options are truly limitless.

Delicate Grunge

Delicate Grunge

School Girl Grunge

School Girl Grunge

 Some may say that these new sub-trends of Grunge can be taking away the true essence of the trend, however, I think not. Grunge itself stands for rebellion, going against the flow of things, making something your own, being unique and standing out. Grunge is a youthful style that celebrates the young at heart and standing up against social norms. This is why I believe that these new sub-trends are, in fact, a true embodiment of Grunge itself, as it goes against what society portrays Grunge as, it shifts societal ideas and creates and instils new ones. These sub-trends create a new platform for everyone to be heard, not just the high school drop-outs and the rebels, but the ‘new’ rebels, the girly girls, the sporty kids, the exotics and eccentrics, the people that were previously stereotyped into a class that didn’t necessarily represent them entirely.

Sporty Grunge

Sporty Grunge

Uptown Grunge

Uptown Grunge

These new trends aren’t only a fashion movement, but a social movement, a platform for change, a reformation against conformation.

This is why I believe that we should support this movement and trend whole-heartedly, encourage the discouraged. It doesn’t have to be about supporting Grunge itself, but the idea  behind it, urge those too scared to be their true selves to stick up a big middle finger to society and say “I can be whoever I want to be, not who you tell me to be”.

It is not about the clothes, but the people beneath them and the message within them.

Stand out, be heard and be 100% YOU. I dare you.

Exotic Grunge

Exotic Grunge

Bohemian Grunge

Bohemian Grunge



#funeral selfie

The front facing camera changed the way we take pictures, and social apps changed the way we share them. It’s far too convenient to share selfies these days, which is why we’ve probably seen the trend grow into something we’ve all really learned to embrace.

There’s a few selfie trends you going to regret 5 years from now. In the time when people are more addictive to iPhones than crack, and carefully-filtered photos have replaced simply remembering the good times.

Some photos are best left untaken, for your time, your privacy and your reputation’s sakes. A few trends I came across that’s best left untaken cause in 5 years from now you might come to regret them.


It’s 2013. Google is your resume, and you best believe your future employer, lover and skeptical mother-in-law will do a thorough Internet background check on your ass… and they’d better not find a picture of it.


Even if you and you’re swinging, vegan roommates have mastered the art of weed, it’s important to remember that some people aren’t down with your super stoney lifestyle. Much like #sexyselfies, #weedselfies can have some not so chill consequences when seen by the wrong eyes.


“Stop smelling your steering wheel you’re going to crash” According to AAA, a driver taking a photo for approximately two seconds takes their eyes off of the road for the length of nearly two basketball courts or nearly half a football field. And that doesn’t count the time it takes to pick an Instagram filter. Don’t risk your ability to take selfies tomorrow, by selfie-ing and driving today.


Even after the loss of a loved one, on the day family and friends gather to lay them to rest, some Instagram users still manage to make it all about themselves. Selfie? More like selfish. I hope this guy’s dead aunt haunts his Instagram feed forever.


Your phone is hurting your social life. What’s the point of going to a party with friends if you’re just gonna spend the night taking pictures of yourself? When was the last time you had a long conversation that wasn’t interrupted by a text message?

This goes far beyond selfies… it’s cellphones in general and how far they take us out of the present. So the next time you feel the urge to take a selfie, consider every photograph you’ve taken in the past and ask yourself, “Do I really need another picture of my face?”


People like to get noticed on social media, and all of those “likes” and comments from friends are a quick and easy way to fish for compliments and boost one’s own ego.

Here’s another reason why young people might be the leading demographic that’s part of the selfie trend. It’s human nature to want to show off your own great achievements. When you feel good about yourself (or look good), it’s far too easy to reach for your phone and document it all through one, or several selfies.

Kids who are connected on a social network to someone they admire may be more driven to upload attractive selfies as a way to seek attention, especially if they’re too shy to do it in person. It’s a strange new flirting method that’s only been around since the rise of mobile, but it’s definitely there.

There are people who are bored at work, bored at school, bored at home and bored on the toilet. Some people will take selfies because they have nothing else better to do. Last but not least, social media is about being social! If that means uploading as many selfies as possible, then so be it. Some people don’t need a real reason to do it. They just do it because they like to do it, it’s fun, and it’s a cool way of document your own life.

# Thenewselfie

Selfies may have met their match. A new trend is forming that is way more technical than a standard selfie – a dronie.

Dronies’ may become the new trend to replace selfies

“A dronie occurs when someone looks up in the sky and smiles and waves at a camera-equipped drone that is flying over the head. The clips are usually short and the video can be uploaded online or made into a Vine.

The trend is growing as the website Vimeo also has 105 videos of people taking dronies and YouTube has more than 15,000 videos with the word dronie in the description – with most in the past three months. Instagram also has more than 1,200 entries with the #dronie hashtag”- BY JOEL LANDAU NEW YORK DAILY NEWSA

Flash Back from the Past

Fashion itself has a life cycle. Each trend has a sneaky way of resurrecting itself, there is no such thing as a dead trend. There are thousands of trends I can talk about, and analyse their new entry into the market, but I will be here forever, so let’s focus on a bit of the 80s.

The 80s have made a huge come back in the fashion world today, pieces are inspired yet modernized from the exciting era. Lately a specific male fashion culture has been seen on the streets everywhere. Advertised and sold in almost any shop you can think of. What is this trend? Denim, denim and a whole lot more denim.


If we look at the above examples regarding denim shirts and jackets, you can clearly see the evolution of the trend. We have gone from a loose fitted jacket in heavy denim, to light weight denim shirts and more figure hugging jackets. None the less all silhouettes are following the same trend. The above examples clearly identify the similarities in colour, dyes and bleaches. Guys you want to dress to impress – go for this look, girls will absolutely love the sight of you, which is never a bad thing when you trying to get that one girls attention. We all know you are;)

As well as jackets and shirts we have seen a reoccurring trend in the different jean silhouettes of the 80s



Ok so looking at the bottom picture above we have some semi loose fitted jeans, with either a straight or bootleg bottoms from the 80s. The first few pictures display some of today’s trends, mainly all fitted in one way or another whether it’s by the ankles of the entire leg. The tightness and three quarter look that is pulled off by guys when rolling their jeans, is extremely similar to what you saw 30 years ago, as well as the straight leg cut which is slowly making a comeback. The texture and feel of the denim has evolved to a softer, stretcher fabric making it more durable. Skinny jeans are sexy, everyone knows that right?

So that’s my post in a nut shell, very analytical today I know, but a few explanations will never harm anyone. Enjoy your day everyone. Watch out for a few more posts in the future.

Out Tai ❤

An Ode to Basic White Girls

Living as a 20-something year old in this day and age, we have all heard the term “basic white girl”, right?

Well if you haven’t, sit back and relax, because this is an ode to the white girl (or perhaps a slight rant).

The basic white girl according to Urban Dictionary: “Starbucks, Uggs , lots of selfies, dog pictures, leggings as pants, Forever 21, iPhone, straightens hair even though it’s already straight, Instagrams food, tries to be a photographer, Pretty Little Liars, can quote mean girls, enjoyed Pitch Perfect, Nutella”


This month is October, yes, I said it… October! Why is that important to the basic white girl you ask? Well simply because it is the month of Halloween and in the northern hemisphere this also means Autumn (or should I say Fall?). Pumpkin spice lattes, dressing in sexy costumes, Ugg boots and cuddles and lovies and ugh. Right?

All I ever seem to see on social media platforms is the general dislike for these “basics” and how they always do things to annoy the general population of “non-basics”. For example, look at almost every female rap artist and listen closely to their lyrics… They are rapping about basic white girls. Iggy Azalea – My World, Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci and Nicki Minaj with Freedom and Champion, to mention a few.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed the web articles titled “White People Ruin Everything“, “Basic White B**ches”, “The Common White Girl” and so on… I used to take these things light-heartedly, have a few giggles and mock the so-called “basics”, until one day I realised how degrading and disconcerting all of these ideas actually were.

Something I came across quite a while ago was a tweet by an account called Common White Girl and it went like this “white girls – a poem: I need Starbucks now. Like can this weather just not. Netflix, uggs, & yoga pants. You’re so pretty I can’t even”. This is probably the highest form of stereotyping I have ever come across. Sure, a lot of it is true, but it isn’t white girls alone who enjoy these things or speak in this way. So what if these are things they enjoy? Let them be.

Whenever people go out they always use the term “white girl wasted”, I too used this term loosely and humorously before I actually stopped and thought about what it actually meant. Now, as a white girl, I won’t lie, I actually find this rather offensive. Why? Because “white girl wasted” is defined on Urban Dictionary as “to get completely drunk… to the point where you can no longer control yourself physically or mentally. Term originally given to younger white girls… after they consume way too much alcohol. This commonly results in overall incoherency, and brief “skankyness” before a quick emotional breakdown… Complete trashyness and finally passing out… because they are too drunk to make it home.”


I don’t know about you, but to me, that is slightly offensive to say the least. Why is this solely associated with white girls? I’m pretty sure every other person in the world has been intoxicated in this way, possibly even worse. So why them in particular?

As a white girl, I don’t have the answers to any of this. I don’t know why people hate on this particular group of people so much and I don’t know why white people are always seen as a problem. This isn’t a racial slur, it is just a mere observation of how seemingly harmless terms and ideas can actually be quite offensive without us really knowing or understanding.

How about we let everyone be and put an end to mockery in general?

How about we make a point of actually thinking about what we are saying before we say it?

Here is a video detailing the extend of the stereotypical ‘basic white girl’ craze: If Guys Acted Like Basic White Girls –

#suns out guns out.

suns out guns out vest.

Ego isn’t a bad thing. Ego is a must. A big ego is just high self-esteem.

Show me a guy who has no ego and I’ll show you a guy who’s comfortable taking 7th place out of 7 contestants. I’ll show you a guy who’s comfortable with the taste of mud in his mouth. You cannot be competitive and not have any ego. You can be non-competitive and have no ego, but so what. That means you are a spectator. That means you’re a critic

You’ve got to have confidence in yourself in your specific field. You can be humble all day about the things you don’t know anything about, but when it comes to your area of expertise you should be Top Dog, King Shit, Cock of the Walk, and Big Man on Campus.

Everyone loves a humble guy. That’s because no one has to compete with a humble guy. Everyone hates a big ego guy, because a big ego guy points out your own shortcomings, lack of skill, desire, heart, dedication and discipline.

Don’t confuse braggadocio with ego. Ego is the all-consuming desire to win, to not lose, and pushing yourself past the limit to do it. Bragging is arrogance and empty boasting. Ego is pride.

When the winter is finally over and it is just starting to get warm, guys wear their short sleeve polo shirt to work rather than a long sleeve, and a vest rather than a T-shirt just for chilling at home. This particularly applies to the muscle head who have been dying to show off their bi’s and tri’s all winter.

Let’s face it girls there’s nothing sexier than a good looking guy with the perfect personality, a guy with an all-natural ripped body, a guy with an all-natural sun kissed tan, a guy that kind of know how gouges he is but keeps it for himself. A guy that have an ego in the sense of pride. Tall dark and handsome.

Then there’s this guys with the pumped up body’s filled with steroids, a spray tan and can’t get let go of their favourite vest and rugby shorts from when they were in preschool, never mind the chain. Is this a trend or just a stage in a man’s life where they need a boost for their self-esteem to build up a fake ego and arrogance to brag with?

You can have an ego no matter how you look, as long as it’s for the right reasons. You cannot have an ego if you bought it on the black market that’s empty boasting.

The Sophisticated Bend Down Market

In case you’re not familiar with the term “bend down” it’s a huge thrift market in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – my home town. Although you can find designer pieces it is an experience that not everyone is up for. My great passion of vintage and thrift has taken me to several different markets, some better than the rest.

My vintage adventures finally lead me to Neighborgoods! Where do I even start… the vibe, the people, and the clothes – all to die for. I walked around the lovely market and found myself upstairs, in what they call the fashion “department”. Luckily I found it full of second hand beauties along with the new, the fancy and the downright fabulous.

I ran into some of the most interesting, weird and quirky individuals I have ever met, all with a little touch of vintage, whether it was an entire outfit or merely a piece of jewellery. One of my favourite quotes of the day was said by a quirky, different and bubbly girl. Through her little bouts of giggles she managed to say “Want to be original? Wear unicorn shoes”.

Our blog was initially inspired by Neighborgoods, so me being able to go there and experience it myself was pretty awesome and finding something I loved there made it that much better. From hundreds of ballet pumps to crazy unique sweaters, I was in my element. Rozanne and Pushkin – one of my favourite brands and stores, has a permanent place in the heart of Neighborgoods, what makes them unique is not only that they have their one of a kind pieces but that they have a few thrift gems, or thrift inspired pieces. If you are interested go follow them on instagram, I do and I love it.

Thrift shopping is a specific style which only attracts a certain market in the fashion industry. Thrifting is an easy way of finding one of a kind original pieces, a simple way to look unique and creative. Vintage sweaters, coats and girly dresses were the most popular garments on display, I mean who doesn’t love a frilly frock every now and then? The most common places where people usually thrift are markets such as Neighborgoods, Hospice’s, SPCA stores and garage jumble sales.

Thrifting has become quite the trend in the recent years. This trend saw a major rise in 2013, with the release of Macklemore’s infamous track “Thrift Shop”. This was the first time that thrifting caught major light in the Hollywood scene, making it cool to recycle clothing and trendy to buy second hand items. I can’t really decide as to whether it’s a good thing or not, yes – it encourages recycling and it is most definitely the most eco-friendly clothing option. This new rise of thrifting would definitely help the environment, which is always a move in the right direction, however, in the name of personal style and fashion, is it good or bad? I can’t exactly come to an exact conclusion, on the one hand it encourages consumers to become “sheep”, mindlessly following as trend without thought, do they even realise they’re being eco-friendly or is it just the following of a trend for the sake of the trend? And on the other hand, it’s pretty great seeing people stray from the corporate side of fashion and supporting smaller stores for a great cause.

All in all I love thrifting and vintage, be it a trend or not.



From Downtown To Something Unique

Well coming from Tzaneen, were everyone wears “kaki”, this was quite an outrageous day for me; yes it was I heart Joburg. So many people, so much colour, and trends, fashion, from out of this world.

A day were you can be yourself, wear what you want, if you are a rocker , there is some of those, very strong guys , well they think so, with their “sterk wys hemppies”, girls with dresses, short pants, Everything goes. Standing there watching it was quite amazing, the vibe – incredible, stage lights, screaming, celebrities. I can’t think of anything better.

I cornered one of my friends, asking him what he saw and  thought about the fashion of I heart Joburg,: “ extreme” colourful, very down to earth and at the other side very out there , girls with tattoos, guys with piercings, outrages clothing. And for him it was also like being on a different planet.

And then and there I came to a conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are, how much money you have or who your parents are, you can be yourself, in Trend or not, being unique is the real you.

From a place like Tzaneen to a different world like Joburg, everything is different, the people, the fashion and the style, but what I realized is it’s not you being in trend, it’s you making a trend.

Below you can find some of the images of I heart Joburg..

Be yourself

Till next time;


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Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

The life of a student is definitely a trend on its own. The early mornings after a night out can be one of a students biggest nightmare. For 5 years as a high school student you get up and your clothes have been chosen by someone else, when you enter real life reality struck and you have to cover your behind all by yourself. Whether its been a fun night out clubbing, or a nerd that’s been studying the whole night, when you have to get up for class, no one feels like dressing up. After all the discipline in the school system, when you finally get to first year level most of the children go mad and become party animals, where no one cares about how short their skirts are and no one will tell you to go polish your shoes.

I’ve done interviews with a few Tuks students after they have attended their first class. I’ve asked them what their style is and how do they make the decision of what to wear. There was a mutual answer among the students that they dress how they feel, whatever their mood is when they wake up, whatever’s clean, whatever screams “wear me” from the closet. I’ve come to the conclusion that the trend set by the youth of today is mostly laid back, bohemian, free spirited, whatever goes, don’t-care kind of style. I’ve also interviewed different types of people, different types as in metal head compared to a hippie free spirited girl. Even though there’s such a big difference and gap between the identities of the different students I have interviewed, I can still link them all together with a trend.

A trend that has been set by every student and a trend that is being followed by every student. A trend that’s been followed without trying. A trend that makes the nerd sitting next to the sportsman even. A trend that screams laziness. A no name trend, so my friends and I gave it a name the LSD trend (laidback, simple, don’t care) . Because as a student you drink, you party, you get naked and the morning after, well you have class and this is probably clean, so you just put some shoes on.


Underground Style As An Emerging Trend


This past Saturday I was given the rad opportunity of attending the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein, downtown Jozi.

When walking to the market along the city streets, the first thing one notices is the mix of eclectically and fantastically dressed people meandering about. This is the part of downtown Jozi I have always been amazed and obsessed with. There’s just something about seeing people being their 100% pure self and being able to express themselves in such a gorgeously open and free environment that welcomes them and encourages originality.

The streets showcased Jozi’s finest underground and street style, with people dressed to the nines in their own happiness. Doc Martens, high tops, platforms, high-waisted jeans, fisherman hats, oversized denim jackets, mom jeans, chunky knits, bomber jackets, short shorts, intensive layering and of course ugly fashion (my favourite). If you’re unsure of what ugly fashion is I’ll insert a picture for you to adore at the end. It’s more than fantastic.

I managed to snag interviews with two lovely ladies I bumped into at the market. My first victim was Lital, she was managing the Asseblief stall (an adorable vintage thrift store with awesome, awesome stuff! I’ll throw the link in at the end) and my second was Leah, who I actually met in the changeroom and then stalked around the market in order to get an interview, upon realising how rad she was.

The two ladies had some really interesting and cool ideas on underground street style, these were the questions I asked:

**How do you feel about underground style becoming a trend?**

I thought they’d be aggravated that their unique self-crafted styles are now readily-available to anyone and everyone, however their overall feeling is that it’s actually a good thing – fond of the fact that it makes the style more accessible to people, however some of the items can be overpriced in store, which makes buying that trend difficult for the general market.

**How do you feel about the commercialization of niche brands and items?**

Another unexpected response from the ladies, both positive, as they believe that it’s better for the people that can’t afford the original. Leah then added that there isn’t anything wrong with it, but to her, it isn’t ideal and if she could afford the original she’d rather go for the original (I’m definitely with her on that one)

**How do you feel about brands that bring underground style to light?**

One opinion was that these brands are great and “if it’s quality and you’re getting it for a good price, why not”. On the other hand, it was mentioned that what we love about underground style is lost when big brands swoop in and commercialise it.

**What type of clothes do you buy and why?**

It was interesting to see how their style actually correlated with their interests and ideas on my previous questions. Both ladies said that they buy mainly second hand items from thrift stores like Hospice and charity stores because it’s cheap, it’s for a good cause, each item has a story, and when you get down to it, it’s actually recycling which is cool and eco-friendly.

In my last feat to establish their identity through their clothes, I asked them how they would describe their personal style. Crazily enough, both ladies gave me very similar answers (these interviews were conducted separately and to my knowledge neither of them know each other… spirit animals?). Lital described her style as laid back and she basically just wears whatever goes. Leah said the same, just adding one extra thing that, quite frankly, made my day… she loves ugly clothes! (my soul mate?)

All in all I’d say Saturday was successful and truly wonderful. Meeting new people, discovering new places and finding out thought-provoking opinions on topics I hold great interest in.

I’d like to thank both Leah and Lital for allowing me to interview them and invade their bubbles by videoing them and taking their lovely portraits. I’d also like to thank Yuval for being my transport and videographer for the day, and Jade (my bestie) for accompanying me on my little adventure.

Below you can find the images of my fantastic victims (AKA interviewees) and a link to Yuval’s Youtube account, where he uploaded the awesome video of the day’s adventures!

Till next time

xx Kat xx

Lital                                          Leah

                                 Lital                                                                                    Leah


♥Ugly Fashion♥

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